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Karr Family Photo/doubt as to guilt



Karr family says photo casts doubt on his guilt

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 08/22/06

Family members of John Mark Karr, the suspect in the slaying of JonBenet Ramsey, have found a Christmas Day 1996 photo that they believe indicates Karr was in Atlanta when the 6-year-old girl was killed in Colorado.

Gary Harris, an attorney for Karr's father, Wexford Karr, said Tuesday that the photo is of John Mark Karr's three children, along with a newborn nephew.

While John Mark Karr is not actually in the photo, family members "have no recollection of him missing a Christmas until the last five years," Harris said.

"They know that if his children were there, he would have been there," the attorney said. "They would have remembered it if they all had shown up and [John Mark Karr] had not shown up."

The nephew's presence in the photo is the basis for the family's belief that it was taken in 1996. Harris said the boy was born Dec. 11, 1996, and would have been bigger at any later Christmas gathering.

The photo, taken at Wexford Karr's home in Atlanta, was turned over to Boulder police investigators on Tuesday, Harris said. He said the family would not release the photo to the media to protect the privacy of the children in the picture.

Harris said John Mark Karr's family was living in Alabama in 1996 and had come to Atlanta for dinner on Christmas Day.

JonBenet Ramsey was killed that Christmas night in Boulder, and her body discovered the following day in the basement of the Ramseys' home.

Harris called "far-fetched" a law enforcement suggestion that Karr could have had dinner with the family, then flown to Boulder on Christmas afternoon.

"At the time this happened 10 years ago, [John Mark] Karr was living in Alabama with his family — they were a unified family at that time — and they had no money," Harris said. "It wasn't like he could just run out and buy a plane ticket. It doesn't make any sense."

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